Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

Top 5 Tips for Boosting Your CreativityRunning out of ideas? Squeezed out every drop of creative juice? Have you hit a brick wall? Well, we’ve all been there. And it can be very frustrating when you want to come up with new ideas and nothing seems to make a spark. Pop psychology will easily tell us that the lack of creativity is natural for a left-brained analytical person. And lucky is the right-brained person for he or she is born with a creative mind.

Well the real thing here is, creativity is not dependent on one side of the brain. Creativity is actually the interaction of connected areas in our brain. One brain research will tell us that different parts of our brain are activated depending on the activity we are doing, and that the whole brain is actually involved in the creative process.

Running out of creativity is a real thing. When our brains are under a lot of stress and fatigue, ideas are harder to generate. So to get your brain rewired and reconnected, relaxation and downtime is quite important. Here are some tips you could try:

1. Exercise

Physical activity is not only beneficial for the body, but also for the brain. A few minutes on the best elliptical trainer (like these), jogging or engaging in sports can ease the tension in your body and allow blood to flow efficiently to your brain. If you’re in the middle of work, taking a quick break, pacing around the office, or taking a quick walk will help get your creative juices working again.

2. Psychological distance

When we’re strongly involved in a problem or issue, we usually can’t think well that’s why we seek the help of advisers. This is because we’re under so much stress that thinking creatively can be a challenge. One practice is distancing oneself from the issue or problem. The less you think you are affected by an issue (at least for the moment), the more you can think creatively.

3. Relaxing activities

Would you believe that daydreaming and listening to classical music can boost your creativity? That’s because these activities help your brain relax, thus generating alpha waves which are related to creative thinking. Albert Einstein himself listened to classical music and daydreamed his way to coming up with the Theory of Relativity.

So if you really want to recharge your brain, all you have to do first is relax, take a break, and everything else will follow.