Portfolio Website Ideas And Design Trends

web-design-portfolio-examples-MikeKusPatrick McNeil has conducted several workshops, and he has also written many books. Here is come content from the inspirational book that he wrote called The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 4 that showcases the current trends in web design. His two part workshop guides the print designers who lack the web design knowledge through the basics of web design. The print designers possess skills that can be transferred to web design. It is essential to have a strong grasp on these basic web design skills. Some of these portfolio ideas and web design trends are given here.

Super Clean Design Trend

In this trend, the websites should display the cleanest and the most beautiful designs. Usually, such websites have a spacious and clean layout that is really easy to consume. Such websites will embrace a minimalist approach without any structural design elements. This way, the designer will focus on the user’s attention via a clear and beautiful typographic hierarchy. Despite of the clean and simple look, the websites will retail the detailed nuances that are gorgeous, and there will be nothing that is undone.

Illustrated Designs

The illustrated designs almost lead to a unique design. If you want to blend with the herd, you can depend on the stock photos as well as artwork that everyone does. On the other hand, if you want to stand out completely, you can make original artwork as a component of the design. The others will not have your style and your ideas as well. This way, you can make your work pop out in a unique style.

The other huge potential benefit to this style is its popularity that is known as Flat Design style. Such a style is void of decoration and depth, and it is quite minimalist. You can make your work pop out with unique illustrated elements.

Masonry Styles

The particular style is the name of the jQuery plug-in that is greatly responsible for the results that you see. This plug-in organises the rectangular items that differ in dimension and size by laying them in a way that they fit together in a perfect way. It will rearrange them similar to stones in a wall and result in a solid structure of images or some other content. Another plug-in that also does almost the same job is Isotope.

You can find many examples on the internet with these ideas and website design trends that will give a unique look to the website.

Better Interface Design With Team Sketch Studios

sketch_uiSketch studios are a really collaborative exercise where the project team will design and iterate an interface together in a structured format. The sketch studios can be simple as a one-hour three-person sketch fest or extensive as a sequence of workshops with a large group. You should decide to approach them. The sketch studios are really an incredible way to get the team members invested as well as excited about a specific project. With several brains working on the ideas and challenges, your team can iterate and also test the ideas in real time and quickly.

Here is a step by step breakdown on what you require to run a sketch studio that is successful.

Define Your Objectives

A really good sketch studio will require clear objectives, so you should start researching to establish the objectives. Draft a Feature Report as you conduct the interviews and collect the requirements of the project. The Feature Report is a document that captures as well as prioritises the key features of the project. The Feature Report will help in clearly defining the issues that you are attempting to solve. It is important to recognize what you need to work on, the value that adds to the project, and the level of effort needed to implement it.

Keep It Focussed

Depending on the Feature Report, timeline, and team size, you should decide the number of sketch studio sessions that have to be conducted. You can decide to have one broad session covering the high level project ideas or several sessions based on the features of the project.

Include A Broad Team

Invite the developers, project managers and clients along with the designers and UX-ers. The more diverse the participants are, the more buy-in and insight you will gain from the team.

Start Small

Consider starting the session with the lowest feature on the priority list. This will get all those who attend the session comfortable and reduces the stakes of the first sketch session.

Identify Priorities

You should identify the priorities to handle at the session to keep the session smooth flowing. This will help in giving structure to the session and jumping off the point for the discussion and ideas. Identify the page types that you should consider and sketch at the session.

Sketch, Erase

You can sketch the ideas for the feature, discuss the same, take a snap and erase to sketch another one if you have a small team. It is also fun to do. When there is a larger team, you should break into small groups and sketch on paper.

Capture Decisions

After each session of the sketch studio,, you need to take the time in order to document the decisions.