How To Motivate Your Design Team Employees?

bigstock-Clapping-Business-People-46194028-675x320The creative industry experiences several challenges such as tough competition, talent shortages, rapid technological changes, etc. The most difficult task for the marketing and advertising executives in the current situation is motivating the employees. Being a manager in the design industry, you should be responsible for keeping your employees humming with creativity and productivity. Below are some tips that will help you inspire and engage your employees on their job.

Focus on Collaboration and not Competition: Some areas of business including sales need a high level of competition to bring out the best from the colleagues. This is not only for the design team. The creative professionals in the in-house team will be at their peak when they are working together with each other and not against each other. The spirit of teamwork and a stream of ideas will result in superior quality designs.

employee-appreciationMake Them Laugh: Being rigid, easygoing or overbearing, which is your management style? Though there is an idea that the hilarious bosses can cause some employees cringe, humour is the significant aspect that will build a highly creative work environment. It can strengthen the relationships, minimize stress and make it easy to address the tough topics if it is used well.

Take Staff Outside: Do not forget the restorative ability of nature. You should help your designers find the right inspiration and respite outside the work environment. You can do this in the following ways.

Hold walking one-on-one meetings
Organize a staff lunch in a park
Plan team retreats with a lot of outdoor time
Schedule ideation sessions in an arboretum, sculpture garden or any other scenic venue

A group of business people celebrate their team success

Give Them Professional Development Opportunities: The biggest frustration for creative people is that they feel that have peaked creatively and professionally. Managers need to stay on top making sure that the designers are learning continually. You can invite a guest speaker to address at a department meeting or subsidise external training. Invest in the career development of the staff to show them that you value their skills and talent, and you like to grow their abilities.

Talk About Success And Failure: When a staff does a great job, it is really a big deal. Talk about the right things and celebrate with the employees. Also, be generous to praise and appreciate them. Though it is tough, you should talk about the failures as well. Failures teach us a lot of things.

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