How You Can Improve Your Creativity as a Graphic Designer

How You Can Improve Your Creativity as a Graphic DesignerThe work of a graphic designer is to come up with design ideas for marketing materials, adverts, brochures, and so on. They form the “behind the scenes” of advertisement, working with their computers or drafting tools to accomplish their tasks. Some graphic designers prefer to work on their own, while others enjoy being part of a team in an organization. As a graphic designer, your main objective is to convey a particular message to the customer, in the form of packaging, advertising, typography, web designing, logos, book designing, and so on – so you have to keep this in mind while designing.

Sleep and your creativity

Sleep and creativity in graphic design are like two sides of the same coin: they go hand in hand. The 10,000 hour rule dictates that it takes ten thousand hours of practice in order to master something. While the precise amount of time is up for debate, it is no doubt that anyone maneuvering into a creative field, such as graphic design, needs an ostensibly endless amount of hours of practice. Of course, it would be naïve to assume that you have to keep your eyes alert for 10,000 hours nonstop for this to happen.

The quandary is that many creatives tend to get into circumstances that allow for sleep deficiencies, and even brag about getting a few hours of sleep. This continual loss of sleep with time is known as sleep debt, and while its impact on creativity is still being investigated, most medical professionals agree that accumulative sleep dept is not a good thing. You have probably heard that 8 hours of sleep per night is great, but some research has proved that between 6.5 and 7.5 hours may be best and with a high quality bed mattress, it is easily achievable. The following additional tips can also go a long way towards enhancing your creativity.

Collect everything

Whenever you come across an inspiring design, whether online or otherwise, capture it and add it to your collection. Each time you feel gloomy, you can draw inspiration from them by taking a little part from each piece and creating an awesome design.


There is an unlimited supply of information and inspiration you can look to on the internet. You can boost your creativity by looking at some tutorials or reading other designer’s blogs.

Join and participate in the design community

Being part of an online design community will keep you updated in the world of design, as well as provide a great platform for critique and positive feedback. While being a freelance designer can provide a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being your own boss, if there’s no one to criticize your own work, there’ll be no room for improvement.


Enter contests and competitions that will inspire you to improve in your field. Seek advice and comments from other graphic designers to determine areas that need improvement. In addition, look out for designs that arouse your interest, and seek out tutorials that clarify the techniques used. You can also consult other artists to get a grasp of their personal techniques.

Create fake (sample) projects whenever you’re free

Design websites, brochures, stationery, and logos. Create a beautiful brand for a fake company. Doing this every once in a while allows you to let your creativity run wild, away from the limitations and dictations of your clients.

Create an “actual” project instead of a fictional one

Acquire as much information as you can about them, and then re-brand them. This includes a mock website, letterhead, business cards, logo, and so forth. Apart from keeping you on your toes, the final product might actually end being a valuable addition to your portfolio. You can also design and then donate your work to local school groups, community organizations, or whomever. They will appreciate it, and the project can be a great source of positive feedback and exposure for your work.

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