Images of Recent Deforestation in Malaysia Show Nothing Has Changed

images-of-recent-deforestation-in-malaysia-show-nothing-has-changedThrough the years, Malaysia has suffered from deforestation caused by human activities. Illegal logging is the main cause of this problem. A huge percentage of the country’s forest area has been depleted due to these activities. In fact, a government report has stated that over 50% of the forest area is used for “production activities”. Since the government discovered the consequences of these illegal activities, alarm bells were rang. They have scrambled to save the forest. A huge portion of what had remained was considered protected areas. Any form of human activity dedicated for production purposes were banned.

It was in the 1980’s when these efforts began. We could easily assume that after several years, drastic changes can be seen. Apparently, this is not necessarily what we see now. Based on the images of recent deforestation, it seems like nothing has changed. If anything, it has gotten worse. This only means that either the government has failed in its efforts to preserve the forests, or there was really no serious action to protect the environment to begin with.

Greed and corruption

Perhaps, the biggest reason why things never change is because of corruption. Instead of being serious in solving the crisis, government officials themselves have in fact become involved in the scheme. They have protected illegal loggers and miners. Instead of running after them, they became a part of the bigger plot to amass wealth in exchange of freedom to abuse the environment.

They have allowed these illegal loggers to use top chainsaws, even those that are known to cut really huge trees, and endangered ones at that. This is a billion dollar industry and no one is willing to sacrifice even if it means hurting the environment.

Something has to change

Though the forest has been badly damaged, there is still a chance to change the direction. It is now the time for Malaysians to continue hammering the government to stop their greed and corruption and prevent continued illegal logging. The country will most likely suffer in the future if this crazy activity is not halted.

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