Portfolio Website Ideas And Design Trends

web-design-portfolio-examples-MikeKusPatrick McNeil has conducted several workshops, and he has also written many books. Here is come content from the inspirational book that he wrote called The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 4 that showcases the current trends in web design. His two part workshop guides the print designers who lack the web design knowledge through the basics of web design. The print designers possess skills that can be transferred to web design. It is essential to have a strong grasp on these basic web design skills. Some of these portfolio ideas and web design trends are given here.

Super Clean Design Trend

In this trend, the websites should display the cleanest and the most beautiful designs. Usually, such websites have a spacious and clean layout that is really easy to consume. Such websites will embrace a minimalist approach without any structural design elements. This way, the designer will focus on the user’s attention via a clear and beautiful typographic hierarchy. Despite of the clean and simple look, the websites will retail the detailed nuances that are gorgeous, and there will be nothing that is undone.

Illustrated Designs

The illustrated designs almost lead to a unique design. If you want to blend with the herd, you can depend on the stock photos as well as artwork that everyone does. On the other hand, if you want to stand out completely, you can make original artwork as a component of the design. The others will not have your style and your ideas as well. This way, you can make your work pop out in a unique style.

The other huge potential benefit to this style is its popularity that is known as Flat Design style. Such a style is void of decoration and depth, and it is quite minimalist. You can make your work pop out with unique illustrated elements.

Masonry Styles

The particular style is the name of the jQuery plug-in that is greatly responsible for the results that you see. This plug-in organises the rectangular items that differ in dimension and size by laying them in a way that they fit together in a perfect way. It will rearrange them similar to stones in a wall and result in a solid structure of images or some other content. Another plug-in that also does almost the same job is Isotope.

You can find many examples on the internet with these ideas and website design trends that will give a unique look to the website.

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