The Best Creative Software for Professional DJs and Graphic Designers

The Best Creative Software for Professional DJs and Graphic Designers

When you first read the title of this article the first question that comes to mind is probably, “How is this going to work?” What could DJs and graphic designers possibly have in common except for the fact that both professions are inundated with creative individuals and their job titles both start with the letter D?

The truth is, DJs and graphic designers have plenty in common. For example:

  • Both graphic designers and DJs placed their focus on the user, whether it be a website visitor or a club-goer.
  • Both of them use creative means to deliver valuable content to their audiences.
  • They both present other people’s content in a desirable and appealing way; DJ’s do it with music and designers do it with products.

Both of these creative professionals also used innovative software to get the job done right. But, this is also where the differences come into play. So, in order to give each profession the attention it deserves, it is necessary to break the rest of this article into two parts:

1. The Best Creative Software for DJs

Back in the day, all DJs (both amateurs and professionals) plied their wares with turntables. But when CDs and MP3 players came on the scene, many DJs began making the switch to these new technologies. And it’s easy to see why — these products were easier to transport, provided excellent music library management, offered greater reliability and had the potential for comprehensive music manipulation.

When they saw the hunger for better products, DJ gear manufacturers started producing controllers and players that gave DJs the ability to mishmash beats and take their skills to limits that exceeded those of vinyl. Still, it’s important to note that although these tools gave DJs the ability to innovate their musical stylings, it is the software that is responsible for performing all the essential tasks that help DJs manipulate their music files.

For DJs that are serious about taking their craft to the next level, the DJ software Traktor Pro is the programĀ of choice. Although it was released over 10 years ago, it’s still the gold standard when it comes to digital DJing.

Admittedly, some of his competitors may perform certain tasks better, but no other program can match Traktor when it comes to all-around reliability and flexibility. Between its loop recorder, sample decks, and other tools, it’s safe to say that this software has virtually everything that the modern DJ will need to rock the party right.

2. Creative Software for Graphic Designers

The best graphic design software must be easy to use and intuitive — all while maintaining its ability to help designers create complex designs. It should also provide comprehensive features and tools that will help these professionals create the innovative designs that their clients want.

Most graphic design software packages give designers the ability to create anything from newspaper layouts to cartoon illustrations. The problem is, most of the better ones have converted into pay services, like Adobe Creative Suite. And, while many of these services offer advanced capabilities and features, they also come at a higher price.

With that being said, we must confess that we weren’t able to narrow our decision to just one. In fact, our researchers found three graphic design software programs that designers should add to their toolkit – Corel PaintShop Pro, CorelDraw Home & Student suite, andĀ Serif DrawPlus.

All the software programs mentioned above feature Pantone swatches and grids, the pencil tool, snap to alignment, and more to help design professionals create innovative and intricate designs. DrawPlus also features both vector tracing and brushes; features that aren’t found in the typical graphic design programs. These tools give designers creative control as well as the ability to create one-of-a-kind designs.

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